Episode 3

Jeff Brandes talks tech, insuance and our automated future


June 18th, 2021

1 hr 6 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

On the new State of Emergency, hosts Peter Schorsch and Jared Moskowitz welcome St. Petersburg Republican Sen. Jeff Brandes, Peter’s frequent podcast guest.

Topics include:

— How Brandes makes a good guest (“a walking Ted Talk”) based on his thorough understanding of complex policy including Silicon Valley issues and insurance.

— The lingering issue of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine passports on cruises. The struggling cruise industry is giving 125% refunds, meaning for every four cruises, you get one free.

— “Anyone who delays Star Wars on a cruise, I have a problem with,” Jared says.

— Figuring out vacation schedules for August and September.

— Brandes does not agree with the Governor on the issue of cruises and vaccines. The cruise industry is a “petri dish” for COVID-19. Maybe not forever, but they will have to adjust for now.

— A discussion of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ proposal to send FDLE, Highway Patrol and Florida Fish and Wildlife agents to the Southern border in Texas to help with the immigration crisis.

—Jared says the request was under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact system, which allows states to share resources during disasters and other situations. “No matter how you feel politically,” Jared adds, “the state is following the EMAC system.”

— It’s mutual aid request no different in California sending equipment for a fire in Texas.

— “It is fantastic politics,” Jeff notes. “Whether it moves the needle on the policy it is fantastic politics.”

Ashley Moody and her consistent struggles in legal battles. “She is going into Pam Bondi territory,” Peter says, referring to Moody’s foray into partisanship.

— However, name ID in Cabinet-level posts is not as strong as some people think. Moody may be a wonderful person, but few can find an issue where she truly leads and that makes her beatable.

— The Supreme Court bounced another referendum on the legalization of marijuana off the 2022 ballot. With that, Peter asks if recreational marijuana ever be legalized in Florida.

— “Yes, 100%,” Brandes says. It could be on the ballot as soon as 2024.

— Jared, who says he is more conservative about the issue concurs: “There is no doubt that the train has left the station on this issue in a just a matter time whether it happens here, the state or the feds … I know people thought that the federal level would have done it by now.”

— Brandes touches on the diverse ways Floridians can change the state constitution.

— A hill sitting on DeSantis’ desk could raise auto insurance rates as much as 50%, the PIP repeal bill just wasn't ready for prime time. Brandes believes DeSantis will veto the bill. PIP is not a perfect system, and most states have removed it.

— How the DOT/Pride bridge light kafuffle and the Pulse bill that was vetoed were “unforced errors.”

— The National Hurricane Conference occurred this week, where Florida got more national attention (mostly negative) than any other state wrongfully so for political reasons.

— How Brandes the hero of the Autonomous Vehicle Conference in Miami.

— Is Tesla stock overvalued? What about Bitcoin and the future of commerce?

— The world of automation is ready to take off — look for the end of the 2020s and early 2030s.

— Cutting-edge technology, electric cars, and getting prepared for the next emergency management event and the possibility of evacuations.

— DeSantis After Dark?

— A happy Father’s Day to everyone.